About Us

Started as a hobby, now I’m here

… making sure that crazy connection you have with your loved one stays as crazy and ah-mazing as ever! 

Hi! I’m Vianna!

Welcome to my side of the block. At Adorable AF, I let you say it like you mean it – no pretense, no sugarcoating. If you can think it (no matter how extreme), we will definitely spell it out and give you the opportunity to wrap it up in awesome cards and beautiful fonts.

How it all started…

I started out drawing random characters electronically for fun and before I could say sh*t, it had become grown from a fond hobby to a high-demand service because (really…  *side eye*), people do not get to say what they mean with traditional cards. For people like me who like to greet family and close friends in the cheesiest, most sarcastic ways possible, I take my time to help you find the right words to make your sense of humour pop. I am from Toronto, the most multiculturally diverse city in the world full of creativity and talent. I can give you cheesy, weird, crazy, unbelievable and downright silly… I’m good with any flavour you want to serve up.

Straight to the point >>>

My cards will say the words you want to say but more importantly, they will radiate and pass on the love and warmth behind your words.

Final words…

Never mind…  just say it like you mean it.